plans for 2010

twenty ten arrives
eagerly we invite it
in, happy for change
♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦

It seems like many friends are glad that 2009 has ended. I think it was perceived as a year that brought a lot of unwelcome challenges to many. It seems, however, that most friends are welcoming the new year with a new sense of optimism that differs from the sentiments of past years. I think the recent financial crises, and perhaps other influences, have reminded people that things and money hold less value than, say, intellectual curiosity, personal value, creative expression and spiritual freedom. I have noticed that conversations often embrace these issues. Interestingly, I have heard few discussions about resolutions.

I have never really bought into the mindset of the new year’s resolution. I am more inclined to think of areas that intrigue me to learn in the new year. Last year, I suppose my greatest area of learning was my breast cancer. It was not really a choice I made, however, but it was an area of intense concentration. Another full-time job. This year, like others, I will choose areas to explore, and this year, I will commit to having a balance between my interests.

While I will not be perfecting my overhead smash or my one-legged wings, I will be spending time at the oasis, starting with meditating with my singing bowl and laying out my poems. I have a little journal where I note the creative areas I expect to explore. I will work my way through those ideas, taking special care to give all areas their due attention. I am excited about my projects and about what I have already started this weekend.

Wishing you new explorations for the new year.

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© 2004-2010 Donna Peach. All rights reserved.

2 responses to “plans for 2010

  1. Great thoughts donna…this is a fresh year and a fresh start! Glad to see you’re keeping a journal…we recently wrote an article in our winter newsletter called “Writing Your Way Through Breast Cancer.”

  2. Donna, I just have to say that the haiku on your header about sleeping lion awoke…I love it…it incorporates your love of dance into your fight…it’s really really GOOD.

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