stubborn shingles

Today is the last day of my taking the acyclovir for the shingles. I don’t know whether it’s the drug or the shingles, but whatever it is, it’s wiping me out. I just feel weak and sick and can’t wait for this to pass. I am trying hard to ignore it all, but it’s all coming on too strong to ignore. I’m trying to drink lots of fluids, but it’s a challenge between the nausea that won’t quit and the nasty taste in my mouth that transfers to everything, especially to the water, which I normally enjoy. The blisters are fading, but they are still stinging with pain, mostly at night when I’m relaxing or trying to sleep.

Early to bed, perhaps, may be a good idea. Guess I’ll get one of the head-warmer knit hats my sister Jennifer sent to me during the holidays, and go play my singing bowl. Maybe I’ll drift off to a peaceful place and sleep off these annoyances.

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2 responses to “stubborn shingles

  1. I’ve been reading your posts about your bout with shingles … I can’t imagine. I really feel for you.

    Seems like when you have cancer … there is always some new issue or problem around the corner.

    Hoping the shingles clears up soon.

  2. I am happy to see that there is someone else out there with this aweful pain to talk with! My father is just miserable. He is on the 5th week of pain from shingles and feeling helpless…..he has taken the antibiotics and is taking motrin for pain, but is desperate for some helpful hints of how to get through this! Please help….

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