talking Akita

I have more news on my Akita. Yesterday at the office was another day with people coming and going. Once again, Buster was purring with some of the women who were petting him. It seems like now that he is comfortable in that setting, he purrs easily with some women who stop by to talk and to pet him. It’s not clear yet whether he purrs more in response to the petting or the voices. In any case, it’s just super cute.

If that weren’t enough, we have another new development. He vocalizes with one of our faculty members. She would say something to him, and he would vocalize; this continued for several rounds making it clear that this was in fact some kind of call and response. It was amazing. He was in the down position facing her, head up slightly, and he was responding every time she spoke. I could see his tummy expand and tighten each time he vocalized. The next time I am going to have the videotape ready so I can record this. My Akita talks.

I have read about certain breeds of dogs being able to vocalize, but it seems that most of them are breeds that have a flatter face, like a pug. But, there he was having a conversation. I don’t think I would have believed it had I not witnessed it.

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2 responses to “talking Akita

  1. That is so nice. I have a 9 month old male Akita and he is great. He walks like a champion with his head held high. He also regularly vocalizes as well. What my wife and I thought was wild was he does it at approiate times. In the morning or whenever he first sees you for the day. We had a Christmas party and as each guest arrived he would great them. We think he is trying to say ” I love you ” but who knows ?

    He is being raised with 2 Labs aged 8 and 9 as well as 5 cats and we have had no serious problems in the 6 months he has been here.

  2. Buster sounds adorable (and I’ll bet his voice sounds adorable too)! We have a 13 month-old mini golden doodle who is also as cute as anything but still in her destructive stage. The latest casualty was a pair of reading glasses. She can be a real pain sometimes but she’s growing on me!

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