National Handwriting Day 2010

Celebrate National Handwriting Day, the birthday of John Hancock, by launching the start of some kind of writing. Make it fun by using different color inks. If you use a fountain pen, you’ll have no trouble figuring out which pen you want to use with which ink for any of your writing goals. Other options include dip pens, markers, gel pens, paint brushes, colored pencils, crayons, finger paints, coffee . . .

  • write in your journal
  • write a letter to a friend
  • write a story
  • write a love note to your sweetie
  • write a special note of support to your kid
  • write a thank you note to someone who’s been there for you
  • write a poem or copy one of your favorites; don’t forget to include the author’s name
  • write an essay
  • write a note of encouragement and send it to yourself
  • write a note to sibling/s about a special memory
  • write single words on index cards to rotate on your mirror every day: rejoice, dance, sing, clap, exhale, pray, meditate . . .
  • write down your favorite quote; don’t forget to include the author’s name
  • write your to-do list on special paper
  • write a special note to a cancer survivor or warrior

Although I love tech tools, I still love hand writing just about everything. Sometimes I need to write longhand to feel creative. I often warm up for a writing project by free writing in longhand. I write letters. I write my poetry in calligraphy. I sometimes write with strong coffee.

Whatever you choose to write, remember to have fun with it and don’t be afraid to experiment with materials. Let me hear from you about what you find you enjoy.

Crayola’s fun ideas for National Handwriting Day 2010

Pentel’s contest for National Handwriting Day 2010, deadline 1/31/10

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