breast cancer sisters share beautiful moments

After the flooding in our apartment this week, we have more chores than we can expect to complete any time soon. The water from the rains poured through our third floor door onto the third, second and first floors, drenching everything in its path. Just clearing out the buckets and towels covering the floors and furniture was a major ordeal. The kitchen had standing water on the counters, stove and appliances. Sheesh. I’ve never seen so much water.

Marvin ended up handling most of that cleanup while I opted for grocery shopping. I remember when I used to sprint through shopping, being another chore I have always liked to wrap up in as little time as possible. Now, with my chemo cha cha and chemo brain it takes me forever to get around and to read labels and make choices. Today, I met a breast cancer sister who approached me and asked if I was on chemo; we talked a long time at first and then more each time we crossed paths in various other aisles at the market. She has completed four treatments of chemo and will continue with other treatments based on her triple positive diagnosis. We shuffled along together talking about finding foods that register on deadened taste buds, how to deal with the tummy woes and what we liked about our oncology teams. She is active in the support groups at her treatment facility and also takes advantage of The Wellness Community‘s programs. We compared our chemo hairdos and exchanged numbers.

Even though the gist of the conversation was light and brief, it belied the intensity of the affection. Whether meeting at a support group or in the cereal aisle, breast cancer sisters often find an instant bond with each other. Common threads of lives draw people together for any kind of relationship, but the common thread among breast cancer sisters weaves deeply into the emotions because we share a unique crisis of life. Regardless of the similarities or differences in everything about us as individuals, we share a single and powerful commonality. That’s why bonds on Internet discussion groups are fiercely loyal and close even though cyberspace separates most of us and most of us will never meet each other. Today’s encounter with this lovely woman reminded me how much support we gain from even the most simple exchange with our dear breast cancer sisters. When we left the store, we embraced as though we’d known each other a lifetime. Isn’t it amazing how sublime beauty can spring from this detestable disease.

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  1. Great post. I got new perspective after read this article.will return again to seek new vision.


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