ups and downs with side effects

My neuropathy seems to be varying from day to day. Today my fingertips feel like they are swollen, making it hard to do anything that requires fine digital movement. Trying to work buttons is clumsy at the least. Gripping items is difficult. I am very careful when washing dishes or carrying anything breakable. My toes are still numb and tingly; pressure on the toes, especially from shoes, causes pain.

My left hand is still swollen on the top surface, not so much the fingers. It feels like the swelling moves around the top of my hand, sometimes being on the side near my pinkie and other times being near my index finger. I sure hope it’s not the start of lymphedema. I have had this for over a week now. I am trying to keep it raised above heart level as much as possible, especially while sleeping. While it seems to help, it has not made the condition go away. That’s what I’m hoping for.

Mornings have been tough with a lot of digestive rumbling and retching that continues into the afternoon. Sometimes eating helps; it used to, but lately not so much.

Oh well. When I had Taxol® the first time in 2004 I ended up with some severe carpal tunnel syndrome that lasted around six months past the end of my treatment. I remember that when I was first on chemo, someone told me that if you don’t have side effects, the chemo is not working. I had never heard that before, and, of course, it is not true, but it was just one of those introductions to the spread of misinformation by those who have no clue.

I have learned a lot since my diagnosis with MBC  and certainly try to filter out the negative impositions. As far as side effects, I know it does not have a relationship to the worth of the treatment but only to your comfort level, and that, for me, varies day to day. I am grateful that the chemo doses and the drugs to help us tolerate the chemo drugs have improved so much. I often think about how brutal the treatment used to be before we had Zofran® and all of the other tummy wonder drugs we have now. I feel very fortunate.

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