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On days when food is merely a palpable lump in my mouth, I get satisfaction from reading about good food. Perhaps it’s a matter of vicarious eating or vicarious cooking. Some days it’s hard to cook when you aren’t able to enjoy the food or are too weak to pick up the heavy dishes or pots or simply to set the table. If I can make a yummy meal that requires little more than one or two dishes or pans, I can tolerate it. If it’s a recipe that has a lot of ingredients measured in precise amounts and prepared in stages, forget it. I will run out of energy halfway there, even though that is something I would have done in my life before . . .

So I do enjoy surfing my cookbooks on the shelf and the Internet for recipes that are friendly to us cancer warriors. What does that mean? It means relatively quick and definitely easy to prepare, not too spicy to irritate the sensitive mouth, packs a wallop of nutrition with even the small amount you can tolerate, and caters or adapts to the taste moodiness that seems to happen frequently–you know, one day/minute you like it and the next you cannot tolerate even the aroma. On rare occasions do I ever really follow a recipe; usually, I customize it, using it as an idea and then launching my own personal version. That’s part of the joy of cooking. Of course, over the years I’ve learned that baking is a bit more touchy with that sort of personalization, so I follow baking recipes, at least the first time, more precisely. I hate, more than anything when I cook, to have to toss something with great ingredients because I experimented when I should have followed the expert advice.

Anyway, for those days of vicarious delight here are several sites that I currently prowl.



Cooking for Engineers

World’s Healthiest Foods

The Nibble

Martha Stewart


Eat Drink or Die

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