Taxol and Aranesp: chemo day

Chemo day started with CBC blood tests at Karen’s lab (we call it “Karen’s Lab” because she’s in charge and takes good care of all of us floating in and out). My results showed my anemia is again reeling its ornery head. I knew it. I’m again falling asleep at the moment of inactivity and finding it difficult to climb the flights of stairs in our loft. My hemoglobin was down to 9.1, so my oncologist ordered the Aranesp® (an erythropoiesis-stimulating agent). My white blood cell counts seem to be maintaining the status quo, so that’s good. Also, my recently increased abnormal readings for creatinine and UREA were again stable in the normal.

I hardly had time to chat in the waiting room with Michelle, Gema and Dolly before my blood test results arrived and I received my room assignment to #2. Gabby and Jessica stopped by for my vitals, though we decided they should come back a little later so I could get settled. Something about arriving for chemo often gets me hyper, so we have learned to wait till I settle down. Ethel stopped by to get us started with my saline drip and then returned soon with the Zofran® and Benadryl® pills. Marvin left shortly for the cafeteria and returned with our breakfast burritos (this is still a huge treat, especially mine with the cooked spinach, beans, cheese and eggs). He also brought me a beautiful pashmina, another with print on a white background–a turquoise abstract floral design–soft. light and warm.

Everything seemed to happen fast today. Maybe that’s because any time it got quiet, I fell asleep, waking only to see what was going on. Gabby came back to take my vitals. Ethel brought my Zantac® and Decadron® infusions. While those were dripping, she returned with Kathy to do the verification for the Taxol®. All went well as I slept through it, waking at the end of it all, asking, what do you mean, we’re finished already? Before it was time to go, Ethel gave me the Aranesp injection to my tummy. I guess between the fatigue from the anemia and the Benadryl, it’s a lost cause for me to stay awake. We used my new Airgo® Navigator combination walker-wheelchair (photos to come) in the wheelchair mode to get to the car. It was still raining as it has been since this morning and, they say, will continue through tomorrow. So far, no need for an ark.

We left there in the rain and ended up doing a few errands, stopping also for frozen yogurt at our favorite place, Frogurtz. With my mouth’s lacking most sensitivity for taste, my taste for sour registers the tart flavors of both the tart vanilla and the tart fruits. It is the one treat that really rocks for me and is healthy, too. Yum.

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