chimes bring Mom’s kisses

Last night we fell asleep to the sound of our wind chimes responding to the ocean breeze. Currently, we have two sets of chimes that ring in different musical keys. The sound is blissful.

The first set of chimes I bought the day my mom danced into the light on October 13, 2007. She and I had a special little ritual. I used to give her butterfly kisses when I was a little girl. In return she would blow a kiss on my face, usually on my cheek. On the day she danced into the light, I walked outside on the patio and stood there. I was talking to Mom, telling her I would miss her but knew she would always be there with me, and I would continue to write to her as I had as an adult living at a distance. Suddenly, the wind picked up and blew into my face, a big puff of air. I thought immediately that it was Mom blowing me a kiss. It was something very real to me, and I will never think it was anything else.

Because it was such a startling event, I felt I needed to commemorate it. I went that day to find wind chimes. I knew that’s what I wanted as it would remind me any time the wind blew that Mom was still there with me, still feeling my butterfly kisses and still acknowledging them by blowing me a kiss.

Last night when the chimes kept ringing, I felt like it was time for another conversation with Mom and fell asleep talking with her. Just like I’d do when I’d visit. We’d talk and talk into the night until we could no longer stay awake. Such fond memories.

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One response to “chimes bring Mom’s kisses

  1. Beautifully written, Donna. Of course it was your mama. How could it be anything else? Dance on. Dance on.

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