out shopping for the ark

We seem unable to avoid water. This weekend, while the rains were fine, we ended up with our washing machine overflowing and dumping water all over the floor. It seems as though either the switch or the sensor that stops the water from pouring into the washer is not working. No matter what setting, the water kept running until it would start to overflow. Obviously we will be needing to fix it or to replace the washer. We seem to have an affinity to water lately. Perhaps we do need an ark, after all.

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3 responses to “out shopping for the ark

  1. Hi Donna, And of course, these things happen on the weekend! You post reads like you have a “mental ark” keeping your spirits afloat! Best of luck this week!

  2. Sorry to hear about your washer troubles.Your story about you and Marvin is so inspiring,yes we do need to dance and sing and do all those things that makes us feel good.Good luck to you with your fight.

  3. Sorry to hear about the appliance troubles. Glad to see that you you can be lighthearted about it though.

    Director of Blogger Networks

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