ready for the Getty

I cannot wait for our next trip to the Getty Center, one of our favorite places to visit. I don’t know how many times we have been there since I have moved here, but I know it is one of those places that we can keep visiting that I’ll keep enjoying every time. We generally go to see a particular exhibit, but we also enjoy the stunning gardens and travertine structures. One of my favorite exhibits is their collection of illustrated books of calligraphy. They, also, have family days during the summer, which, even if you don’t have children, are great because it’s fun to watch the kids and parents.

I know that many muses must live there since it’s hard not to draw on your creativity while you’re visiting. Whether you sit at the gardens or on the patio or outdoor dining room, you will feel a surge of your own creativity. Bring your media with you so you can listen to your muse and take advantage of her nudging.

Note there are two facilities: The Getty Center in LA and The Getty Villa in Malibu. If you’re planning a trip to either, go to the Web site and read about the exhibits at each location. Either trip will be memorable.

The Getty

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