Taxol solo: chemo day and seaside date

Today was chemo Friday. We started early as usual and got to the infusion center before the rush. Yes, it is still a busy place to be with so many patients coming and going. Getting there early seems to help. After greeting Marcella at the radiology oncology desk and heading up to the waiting room for the infusion center, I got to talk only a few minutes with Gema before she sent me to my assigned room #2. Marvin went to get us some coffee and returned just as I was taking off my brace in the room. Dolly, our volunteer, brought her home-made vegan lemon cookies, excellent as usual, and the finest chocolate treats from Vosges Haute Chocolates that I can only describe as absurdly delectable. I had Red Fire and then Marvin’s Black Pearl, which he offered to me–:) truly, I did not steal it. If you love fine chocolate, you must check this out. I am definitely going to order some. Forget Godiva–no kidding.

Ethel arrived soon with my saline and my preps: Zofran® and Benadryl® and then just as quickly returned with my Zantac and Decadron. Efficiency was the word of the day as Jessica swooped in to check my vitals, which were all good. The pharmacy even had everything ready, so Jennifer and Ethel performed the ritual verification of the Taxol®, which arrived earlier than usual.Marvin headed out and returned in a flash with our own ritual breakfast burritos and chemo gift for me: today he brought me two beautiful pashminas, both with ivory background: one with a range of rainbow colors and the other with dominant peach :).

As the Benadryl kicks in, I start feeling the snoozes sweeping over me, and today was no different. I started falling asleep though I fought it. I managed to succeed for a while, keeping busy on the computer, but by the time the Taxol began, it was no use. Halfway through I was gone and stayed out until it was finished. I’m guessing that the anemia is the reason I’m falling asleep so earnestly.

After we left there, we needed to do some errands, so we headed out for that and then stopped to have some frozen yogurt at our favorite place, Frogurtz. Then, we went to the ocean to sit and have some quiet and talk time. I always love sitting by the ocean and listening to the waves. It was a beautiful day. We planned out the weekend, including finding time to have a little fun since Sunday is Valentine’s Day. We hope to attend LA International Pen Show in Manhattan Beach, which we missed last year when I was in rehab after my surgery. It’s one of the big shows in the country, and they have an amazing number of displays from so many great companies who present the best in fountain pens, stationery and accessories. All right, yeah, they do have other pens, too.

More info coming tomorrow, so have a look if you’re thinking at all about joining the ranks of fountain pen lovers so you can discover the finer joys of writing in a journal. It really does make a difference. Plus, who can resist the many colors of ink available to you when you use a fountain pen. It opens a whole realm of opportunity.

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