Happy Valentine’s Day

We celebrated Valentine’s Day at the LA International Pen Show at the Manhattan Beach Marriott. We got there around 11:00 am and immediately headed over to our favorite vendor, Pendemonium. I have been looking for pink inks, and today I think I got what I needed, thanks to Sam’s usual ability to lead me to the answer of my pen or ink dilemma. I bought the Diamine pink, which I had not even known about. I also got a J. Herbin Bouquet D’Antan, a sort of dusky rose or soft plum. I wasn’t sure about it but thought I wanted something a little different.

We made the rounds looking through the show’s offerings of pens, pads, inks and watches. Marvin, of course, loves the watches, but today they did not invite any purchases since the offerings were a little richer than our wallets.

I found pens that I’d wanted to buy from a vendor I’ve been watching for quite a while, Taccia. Shu-Jen Lin is the proprietor and blends Italian design and materials with German technology with a price that is high on value. I got two pens that fit my style and budget. The Ta-Ke (bamboo in Japanese) in pink and the Continental in red.

We were also able to to pick up a couple of the small Rhodia Webnotebooks–in orange, of course. I have been wanting one of these for quite a while. It is as lovely as I’d anticipated. Writing in it will need to be worthy. If you’re looking for a notebook to write private thoughts or to track events in your medical treatment, this would be a great little book. Rhodia’s classic orange is cheery and distinctive, so it is a notebook you will enjoy using; it might just brighten up the task of tracking–for your medical treatment or anything else. The beautiful paper inside is high quality that lends itself to roller ball or fountain pen writing without feathering or bleeding through the paper. The back cover has an inside pocket. The cover is a silky smooth synthetic that feels and looks great, and an elastic band keeps it all snugly closed when waiting for your next entry.

We had taken my Airgo walker/wheelchair, and it worked out perfectly. After walking as long as my strength allowed, we used the wheelchair, and I was able to make another round through the aisles without feeling exhausted. Now I’m ready for bed earlier than usual. It was a gorgeous and fun day, and I know I’ll be dreaming about writing with my new pens and ink in my favorite journals first thing tomorrow morning.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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