more nagging fatigue

Later this week I will be meeting with my oncologist, and we will be discussing what’s next for me. Since I have been having more toxicity from the Taxol®, I think we may be looking to make a change. Today, my feet and hands were very swollen–Macy’s will be calling me for the parade–and I was absolutely exhausted from the time I woke up. Sheesh. How does that happen. Aah, maybe it’s because I am sitting and walking around with my left arm up in the air, doing contraction exercises to try to resist the onslaught of lymphedema in that limb. I suppose that can be exhausting. Tonight I can barely stay awake.

What happened to those days when I used to write or choreograph well into the middle of the night . . .

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One response to “more nagging fatigue

  1. Do you work for Macy’s? My friend who is going through chemo also works there. I am walking in the Dallas Breast Cancer 3-Day and have a post on my blog about a sponsor that is donating free money for friends that I refer to their Facebook and Twitter profile. I hope that when you are feeling better you will come visit me and help!

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