chillin’ for healin’

As I have written recently, my coworkers are sponsoring Team Peaches for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure LA on Sunday, March 14, 2010. (Click the link at the top of my blog to check out their page and to support the team.) Since I am officially on chemo break and off work for a month, I am concentrating on regaining my strength and, we hope, getting rid of some of these side effects. Currently, I have so much swelling in my hands and feet and am so weak from the anemia, my biggest challenge is lying down, which includes staying off the computer. I still fight it, but I’m getting better at disconnecting myself from the computer. Today, I lay down and slept for a couple of hours, but the swelling hardly improved. Now I’m on the computer only briefly and will soon go back to lying down. Sheesh.

I did get out for a little while with my scooter. Even though the sun was warm, the ocean breeze was chilly, especially in the shade, so I didn’t stay long. Until we get the lift for the car installed completely, my scooter’s mobility is limited to the neighborhood. At least, I can go downtown. We think we may have a lead, however, for someone who can install the electric connection, which is the only glitch.

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