mobility scooter ready for transport

We awoke to some sunshine that quickly slid into hiding behind threatening gray clouds. That lasted a while, and then sunshine returned. We had some errands to do, so we headed out. It was warm and very comfortable, but I took a jacket with me since the anemia keeps me cold most of the time.

The main item on our agenda was an appointment to get the car lift installed for the scooter. The hitch was already installed a while ago, but we have been having trouble finding someone who could install the electric connection for the lift. Today was our appointment. When we arrived, the weather was still nice, though the wind had picked up and made it chilly, particularly in the shade. We figured the appointment would be no more than 45 minutes or so. It was a U-Haul, which has no waiting room, apparently, because people come and pick up their trucks or trailers and leave. No need for a waiting room. At first we stayed outside in the sunshine, sitting on the trailers in the parking lot. Soon, however, the sunshine dissipated, leaving us freezing in the chilly wind. We went inside only to find nowhere to sit except a couple of places on the piles of boxes. We figured we’d be leaving soon, anyway, so we could bear with it.

It turned out to be two hours until it was finished. The guy overseeing the store was nice enough to find a spot for me in the office in the back of the building where I could sit out of the wind that was, by then, ripping through the doorway, left  open for customers and staff coming and going. By the time we left, we were worn out, cold and hungry.

We are no longer hungry, but I’m still cold and we’re both still worn out.

Oh, I almost forgot: the lift for my scooter is now ready for testing . . . tomorrow.

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Los Angeles 3/14/10

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