from the cold to the workout

The cold is finally waning. It’s great to be able to talk through a sentence without coughing up a lung.

With all the lying down for the cold, the swelling in my feet and hands has decreased somewhat. My left hand is still swelling more than the right, but I continue to cross my fingers that it does not develop into lymphedema.

Now that the cold symptoms are easing up, I can concentrate on regaining some strength. I have an exercise plan ready to go. Since the nasty cold interrupted my schedule with the wobbly legs, I need to work hard next week to catch up. With all of the treatment since my diagnosis last year in January, I don’t even remember the feeling of strength–another irony since I used to be able to pump out ten or more full push-ups before all of this began. Now, I’m lucky to be able to do a wall push-up without exhaustion. Many months of chemo suck the strength out of every muscle fiber. Time to find it and pump some back.

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2 responses to “from the cold to the workout

  1. I so feel for you … last year when I was on Taxotere … having a shower was a major event. Once I got in the shower I sat sometimes for 20 minutes just enjoying the water hit my body. I’m stronger now but still sit in the shower and take in the water on my head. I so appreciate it.

    I sure wish I could send you an ounce of energy.

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