great source for choosing green options

Shopping locally at either farmers’ markets or stores that buy locally and pass the transportation cost savings on to the consumer makes sense in this economy. Here in SoCal we have a few options, including Trader Joe’s and Fresh and Easy plus frequent farmers’ markets often just around the corner. Ever on a quest to find new sources, I check online periodically to find out whether new markets have moved into the area.

It was during one of my online searches that I discovered the incredibly useful and interesting site of the Natural Resources Defense Council. Not only can you look up locations of local farmers’ markets, you can find out what produce is in season not just monthly but bi-weekly for the entire year. Additionally, the site has oodles of information about living green and offers sets of guidelines for making green choices for every compartment of living. It even has a searchable list of chemicals so you can satisfy your curiosity about any products found in everyday household products.

It’s a very friendly site; check it out.

National Resources Defense Council

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