3-minute cake in a mug satisfies sweet craving

With chemo having affected my taste buds so much, and especially for sweets, I have not wanted much in the way of candy or dessert. Once in a while, though, I have gotten a craving. Somehow the most frequent craving seemed to be cheesecake, which I hadn’t eaten for eons. This week I was craving something sweet for several days. Usually, I don’t act on a sweet craving as I figure it will soon pass, and sweets are really one of those luxury items that you don’t really need. I figure that if the craving remains for a number of days, then I have a serious craving that deserves a little indulgence.

Today was the day to satisfy the lingering craving from this week. I remembered some time ago I’d seen a recipe online for a three-minute microwave cake in a mug. I decided to give it a try. Even if it turned out badly, it’s not like having to throw out a whole cake. The recipe calls for minimal ingredients, and mixes in the coffee mug. Nothing could be easier.

The results were actually quite reasonable. We ate it plain, after letting it cool down. It would benefit from either ice cream or whipped cream. Because it’s cooked in the microwave, it has a bit of a spongy texture. It’s not too bothersome, however, especially because the flavor is quite good. Next time I make it, I will decrease the cooking time by about 15 seconds and also decrease the whole wheat flour.

I was pleasantly surprised, and it definitely satisfied my craving.

4 T flour
4 T sugar
2 T cocoa
dash baking powder
dash salt
1 egg
3 T oil
3 T milk
dash vanilla
3 T chocolate chips (optional)

I mixed the dry and the wet ingredients separately and then blended them in the mug, being careful not to over-mix the batter. That’s it. Microwave for one to three minutes, depending on strength of your microwave.

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2 responses to “3-minute cake in a mug satisfies sweet craving

  1. This makes me laugh! Yesterday, while under the influence of lack of tastebud pleasure, I felt the NEED to bake a cheesecake! Perhaps Cheesecake is the answer to all of our What Tastes Good On Chemo needs?

  2. Wow – cake in a mug. Now that’s a new idea . . . but your mention of cheesecake has got my belly rumbling! How about cheesecake in a mug for your next sweet-satisfying post?


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