update: chemo break and revival

It feels as though I have been away on a health sabbatical. I have been concentrating on healing and becoming stronger during this time. Healthy food, lots of fluids, especially water, lots of rest–I found myself sleeping most of the time until recently. My side effects are finally fading. My taste buds are recovering, and I can taste again. The nails on my fingers and toes that were brittle and darkly discolored are finally showing new healthy, pink growth. The neuropathy is diminishing, though the numbness still causes me to drop things. The nose bleeds are gone now as are the dry and tearing eyes, but my nose is still drippy but not as bad as before when it was constant. My nausea is pretty much gone, but it still strikes sporadically, especially first thing in the morning before I eat. The other tummy woes are gone. The severe swelling in my hands and feet has diminished, and my left hand does not seem to have lymphedema–yippee.

I don’t think I realized how weak I was. I could barely even talk much, and, with the respiratory virus that seemed to hang on forever, it made it impossible for me to talk at all without coughing. This week I hope to start walking again, which I had  abandoned as I became breathless with only a few steps. Yesterday I walked around the block for the first time in weeks, stopping to rest about every half block or so; I was very excited and can’t wait to keep walking more and dancing to regain my strength. For so long my legs were wobbly all the time and felt like my knees were going to give out. Now I can climb the stairs without having to hold onto the railing for dear life.

Even my eyebrows are beginning to grow back, as is my hair. My eyelashes are still invisible. To be honest, I’m not sure what I’ll do about my hair, which is also starting to grow back. We’ll see.

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