TLSO brace: first day out

Today was a simple day. We celebrated Dad’s life; his funeral was yesterday. I was unable to attend, but I am thinking of him constantly this week. I cannot yet understand that he has passed. I miss him. I miss the conversations we had. I will remember the conversations I had with him before the dementia took his memory. We used to have great conversations. He used to like reading the news and staying abreast of things going on in the world. When I was busy with work and didn’t spend time reading or watching the news, I found I could rely on him to catch me up on what I needed to know. I have such great memories, and I keep thinking about them.

We also celebrated my freedom from wearing that onerous TLSO brace, which I wore since January 2009. Today was the first time I went outside without wearing the brace. It felt incredible. I even did grocery shopping. I am finding that without the brace, I seem to have more energy. I think that is because the brace seemed to make me work harder to do anything. The restriction to the muscles for walking, the bar that pressed into my throat when I would be sitting–it all made walking and moving around seem harder. Without it I felt like I wanted to do everything I could think of that was such a pain in the neck, hehe, literally, while wearing the brace. I did so much that it exhausted me; when we got home, I fell asleep for a few hours.

Can’t wait to go out again tomorrow.

Angelo Bacacio
9/23/1917 to 4/25/2010


One response to “TLSO brace: first day out

  1. I’m glad you’re able to get out and about without that brace. I can imagine you are very happy … the less attachments the better.

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