coconut cream pie and meditation

My Dad’s passing has prompted the sudden recollection of memories from long ago. Today I saw a menu with coconut cream pie, and it immediately sent me back to Detroit’s Elsa Cooper Court Reporting School (now Elsa Cooper Institute of Court Reporting). I attended classes there full time to become a court reporter in the mid-seventies.

My school friends and I used to go across the street to the cafeteria–and I cannot remember its name–for lunch. They had the absolute best coconut cream pie, and, even now, I can never see that on a dessert menu without nearly tasting the pie from that cafeteria.

Funny how one thought can lead to another, completely unrelated. It was while I was taking classes there at Elsa Cooper that I met a woman, also a student, who introduced me to meditating. I had meditated before, but I had not yet developed a strong desire to make it part of my life. After meeting this woman, I started meditating regularly and have continued through most of my adult life. Now, I maintain the impulse and desire to ensure it is part of my routine. Even if I miss a day, it does not seem to affect the continuity of my routine. Now, so many years later, meditation is an important part of my coping.

Thinking about that time in my life makes me wish I could contact the people who were part of my life then. I would thank them profusely for the great memories. Though I have been unable to reach those friends, despite FaceBook and other Internet searches, I am happy to recall the good times we shared. Good friends, past and present, always make one’s day.

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