Faslodex: third and last loading dose

Blood tests today cleared me for my third set of Faslodex® loading doses and my Zometa®. As soon as I arrived, they took my blood for testing. I then waited for the approvals and then for the order to be filled by the pharmacy. When it all arrived, I got my Zometa infusion first and then the two shots of Faslodex to my hips. After today we will switch to the monthly schedule.

It was nice seeing everyone at the infusion center. As always, they are so cheery and encouraging. We were all celebrating good news today; it was a nice change. A woman who had had stage IV colon cancer that they treated with radiation was the first to share: last week they were going to do surgery to remove whatever was left of a tumor only to find that the tumor was totally gone. They have run tests, and everything indicates she is cancer free. She is finishing up with chemo just in case any renegade cells escaped. We were all very happy for her. I also met a woman with metastatic breast cancer with mets to her lungs, bone and brain; her treatment is going well and keeping her cancer from progressing. She said her doctor has noted that there are several options for treating her. That is more good news.

Adding to that all the good news that the bone in my vertebrae are growing back, it was definitely a great day for celebrating the good news of the day.

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