quiet evening home watching news

We are home tonight watching the news coverage of celebrations here in Long Beach and Los Angeles. Although we are not big sports fans, you can’t avoid the excitement. Earlier today Mexico won the game against France in the World Cup playoffs; you could hear the cheering in our neighborhood.

The really big news, of course, is the Lakers have won the NBA title the second year in a row, defeating the Boston Celtics. The challenge now is for LA law enforcement to be able to keep things under control. Let’s hope everyone has fun without getting drunk and destructive. There are thousands of people on the streets surrounding Staples Center, and I can say I’m very happy to be here at home only watching it on the television. Some of the fans have become rowdy, jumping on cars and throwing things at cars as they try to exit the area. Also, a few fights ensued but seem to have ended.

What is it that makes people who are celebrating something good go crazy and start to get violent.

Let’s hope the fans don’t spoil the celebration by becoming out of hand.

Woohoo for the Lakers.

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