chemo nails recovering

As you may recall, my last chemo caused my nails to become quite deformed and discolored. Also, the entire bed of the nails on both my fingers and toes had become so brittle that any little tap on a hard surface would cause the nail to snap or crumble. They were darkened and thicker than usual, very difficult to cut. I ended up filing them to keep them short.

Since my change in treatment from chemo to hormonals, my nails are recovering. In fact, my finger nails are now regrown and look pink and normal again. The nails on my toes seem to be recovering more slowly. They are still brittle but are much better than they were at the end of my chemo. They are starting to look more normally pink. Pretty soon I should be able to have a manicure and pedicure, complete with nail polish.

Sometimes the little things are cause for great celebration.

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