I3C inhibits cancer cell growth

How Dietary Supplement May Block Cancer Cells, Medical News Today 6/30/10

Indole-3-carbinol (I3C) is a substance produced when you ingest and digest cruciferous vegetables like brussels sprouts and broccoli. In a study published in Cancer Prevention Research 6/29/10 researchers at the Ohio University Medical Center has found that this substance appears to block the proliferation of cancer cells in certain cancers, including breast. It does this by destroying a molecule that is necessary for cell division and growth.

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One response to “I3C inhibits cancer cell growth

  1. I have felt much hope after reading “The China Study” by Dr. Colin Campbell, which in brief is a comprehensive study of nutrition and its influence on cancer growth. Have you read this book and/or have thoughts on cancer surviving in alkaline versus acidic environments? Concurrent to cancer, I have Rh. Arthritis, (for which I took the hated Humira) and the vegetable diet has eliminated the pain and most of the inflamation. What I am searching for is information on dietary control of cancer…what hope that would give so many of us!
    Thanks for reading my plight!

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