drat health questionnaire

In looking up information the other day I found a site that required me to complete a questionnaire about my health. As often happens, it had that question: how would you describe your health: excellent, good, fair, poor.

Every time I encounter this sort of question, it stumps me. It gets stuck in my throat.  Facing that little question that used to get an automatic answer now breaks me out in a cold sweat. I go for the excellent, but then I realize that’s not really true. It consternates me. It tortures me. I have to tell the truth; writing is that way for me.

With metastatic cancer, however, trying to nail down the truth of this statement is perplexing. I recognize the answer is nowhere near excellent no matter how much I remember it, wish it or will it.

So, my intellect argues that I’m excellent but my body whispers otherwise. Who wins? I can keep a secret.

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