coloring for everyone

Do you remember coloring books? I certainly do since it was part of my childhood and, yes, it is still part of my adulthood. I had not really thought much about it until a friend mentioned his therapist told him that coloring is a good way to diffuse stress. He thought it was a funny idea, but it reminded me that coloring is definitely fun at any age.

One of my stress-reduction activities is drawing mandalas. Inspired by a blogger who creates the most incredible mandalas, I started drawing them last year. Oddly, even though I’m a clumsy sort with visual artistic expression, I really enjoy drawing mandalas and, even more so, coloring them in afterward. When I did some searching online for resources for learning how to draw mandalas, I kept finding books of mandalas for coloring and realized that coloring mandalas seems to be even more popular than drawing them.

In finding the pages for mandala coloring pages, I recalled that I used to download coloring pages for our dance recitals to put in the rooms, along with the crayons, for young dancers waiting for their turn to go on stage. I have noticed that the availability of coloring pages has proliferated, making it possible for one to find any number of coloring pages on most types of preferences: nature, art, architecture, human activity, animals, flowers, butterflies, bugs—the list goes on. Who says kids are the only ones who can have fun coloring. I also remember that I had bought an anatomy book several years ago, and it was line drawings of all the musculoskeletal system; I colored in the pages of the muscles and bones that I was learning, and it helped me to remember the muscle names and where they were.

Google free coloring pages for adults, or check out this cool site. The left margin contains categories that you can click. To get started, you can use any kind of crayon, colored pencils, markers or brushes.

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