yeah, sister’s visit

Recently, my sister came to visit from Michigan, and it was such a delight. She came to give me support, but we avoided serious conversations and just had fun. It was fantastic. We did not seem to need to do much except hang together, and that was really the best part of all of it. I don’t get to see either of my sisters since they live a couple thousand miles away, so this was for sure a special treat. We did manage to fit in a couple of excursions that did not require a lot of energy or fleet of foot. The whole visit was a trip to the oasis. Most importantly, we just spent great time together drinking coffee, eating good food, reminiscing, laughing and talking about everything.

One day we went to the Japanese Garden, which is on the grounds of California State University, Long Beach. It is always a beautiful place to visit, and I often stop by there when I need a little solace in the midst of a crazy day. I loved sharing this experience with my sister.

Look whose hair is growing back.

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