personal shoppers: let’s bring them back

My hair is growing, and my eyebrows and lashes are back. My skin even has some color, though most of it is from the sun—a light tan because I make an effort to protect my skin against the sun.

Yet, today was a good example of how fatigue always influences everything. Because of fatigue, it has been ages since I have gone shopping for bras, something I hate even when I had a barrel of energy. Now, however, going to a store in the first place takes a great amount of energy since the parking and transit to the department is enough to wear down your best resources.  Since I can’t bend, I have to crouch each time I need to look at merchandise on the lower rack. Naturally, anything I wanted to see was in the back on the lower rack.

And, then there are the fitting rooms that are always either hidden or on the other side of the department. Today I found several items to try on and had to walk clear across the floor to the fitting room. At least when I got there I was able to sit on the bench. In reality I could have taken a nap. Probably only my snoring would have alerted them I was back there.

Thankfully, a very nice woman waited on me today, going in and out of the dressing room with choices for me to try on until I found something right. I was ecstatic in my success and ambled to the car to have a rest before going anywhere else.

As I sat there regaining my strength, I remembered that a long time ago some stores, like Saks, had personal shoppers who worked with a customer for everything. The shopper would go to any department to help a customer get what she needed. That would have been so valuable today as I looked through a few racks on my way out the door, realizing I would have liked to have looked more but simply had no more energy. I will have to make another trip on another day when it feels like I’ll have sufficient energy to navigate the parking lot, the store, the racks and the return to the car.

Maybe I’ll find the suggestion box next time, too, so I can offer them the idea of a personal shopper for customers who need or want assistance. What busy woman wouldn’t appreciate a personal shopper.

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