Faslodex 3

pocketful of treats
pistachios for shelling
perfect little nosh

Friday I had my monthly dose of Faslodex® and Zometa®. After my blood tests showed again an elevated creatinine of 1.4, we kept with the reduced dosage of Zometa. As I did previously, I warmed the Faslodex by tucking it close to my body. By the time we’re ready for the injections, the drug is near body temperature and is much easier to inject. Also, I think I’ve noted, Claudia or Karen, whoever is administering my treatment, gives me a saline infusion before we start the Zometa. The saline infusion helps to reduce Zometa’s side effects.

My husband left for a while and returned with a little gift bag: a pretty pashmina with white background and swirls of pink and a fun little summer purse and, yikes, a cute little change purse in royal blue and gold. Yes, I need some photos. Too much color and fun things to miss.

Like last time, I feel very fatigued and as though I’m trying to get the flu. I get a little bit of digestive unkindness but not much. Consequently, today was a day of naps, soup and nuts.

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4 responses to “Faslodex 3

  1. Oh, what a loving and thoughtful husband. I love the Haiku about the nut too. 🙂 I hope your energy returns swiftly for you. 🙂 Peace and hugs

    • Thank you so much for writing. Sometimes I miss my comments and don’t see them until some time passes. Yes, my husband is very supportive. He prefers to give me items that he knows I love instead of flowers, which, as he says, wither too soon. Hugs

  2. That was nice of your husband what a surprise… oh and if I was near you, I would be your personal shopper, you are so inspiring.

    • Hi Karen, thank you so much for writing. My husband is a gem; I’m always amazed at how he can make me laugh even at the most dire moments. I am very lucky. I totally love your zentangles. I am working on mandalas, but as I was out to lunch when they were passing out visual art genes, it takes me a long time. Maybe I’ll try a zentangle. Maybe if I think it’s like drawing a poem or choreography on paper . . . We’ll see LOL. Hugs

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