my oncologist: Rita Mehta, UC Irvine

This is an article by one of the staff writers at the UCI communications department about my hematologist oncologist, Dr. Rita Mehta. I am so happy to share it here. Dr. Mehta is everything wonderful. I first saw her in 2004 at my original diagnosis of breast cancer because the physicians with whom I worked at that time recommended her professionally and personally; a couple of their wives had been Dr. Mehta’s patients.

When my cancer metastasized, I became even more secure with her because I knew she had a special interest in metastatic breast cancer. That was important to me because I feel that she is not afraid to treat aggressively but stays on top of  the research and knows what works and what does not. Trust. That’s probably one of the most important parts of the relationship you can have with your oncologist. I know I’ve mentioned it before; I’ll repeat it. If you don’t trust your oncologist, find another.

Dr. Mehta also happens to be very caring and has a delightful sense of humor. She has made me laugh at times that I was crying from fear; she genuinely knows how to pluck fear and plant hope. She is absolutely honest and lacks any superficiality. Yes, I totally love her.

Targeting breast cancer. By Kathryn Bold, UCI Communications

Also, see link to her UCI bio in my links: My Dream Team.

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3 responses to “my oncologist: Rita Mehta, UC Irvine

  1. Ijeoma Iloputaife

    This article is right on the points . . . trust, hope, cheer, knowledge, fearless, unpretentious . . . all which apply to Dr. Rita Mehta who was also my oncologist. God bless her!

  2. She is a horrible oncologist. We had a very bad experience with her treatment and she caused many complications in treatment and led to death. She acts very smart and in apperance is nice person to attarct you but when comes to mistakes that she did and negligences she had will change to an evil. I wished we never ever met her and lost my beloved one this fast this soon. She changed standrad of treatment and just wants to get experience on you. Then when her research on you doesn’t work will treat you as a …
    I would be more than happy to share details with you.

    • Wow…I am shocked to read such words about Dr. Mehta…Let me start by saying, I am a patient advocate heavily involved in the medical field and have experiences with many Physicians, Hospitals, Medical Groups and Administrators. This post hit close and personal to my heart because my sister is a patient of Dr. Mehta. I am her advocate! I research continuously and I am use to doubting treatments that are suggested by most of the medical field and medical groups. However, this is NOT the case with Dr. Mehta. She has earned my TRUST and RESPECT from the beginning. Prior to going to Dr. Mehta my sister was given (by another Dr.) less than one year to live. She was diagnosed with IDC stage 4 in 2012. Still so full of life and ready to fight the battle…we did countless hours of research and decided to exercise our rights of AB 12 and get a second opinion. After reading Dr. Mehta’s bio and qualifications, we decided this would be the Dr. that we would get the second opinion from. We were able to get an appointment and my sister was so unsure and apprehensive. From the moment Dr. Mehta walked into the room…we felt a sense of peace. She was far more than we expected. Her qualifications are not only impressive, but the way she executes them are phenomenal. She treats my sister as an individual case and designs a course of treatment suited for her individually. She is the most knowledgable Dr. I have come across in many years. She is a friend…a physician…a counselor…an encourager…an encyclopedia of information and resources. She is amazing at Treating the cancer medically and emotionally. I can say I would recommend her to anyone. She has genuine love and care for her patients and the field of improving the long term outcome of Metastatic breast cancer. We TRUST AND LOVE HER! We choose to continue to fight to get treatment from her and drive over 3.5 hours one way to see her….

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