thinking in color

colors color life
hues of red, yellow and blue
straight up or combined
colors wash daylight
fade into night’s gray and black
restore new palette
■     ■
morning rolls around
brightly lit in blue and gold
snatch brilliance and write
■     ■     ■

One of the bloggers whom I follow regularly is gifted in so many ways. She writes and draws and plays music. Her mandalas are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen, and she is the one who inspired me to use mandalas to relax and to infuse myself with healing thoughts. She is running a contest now for fountain pen ink, which, of course, I have entered as I will never in a thousand years have enough ink. In the contest she is offering three prizes for every winner: three bottles of ink. For a fountain pen lover and certified inkophile (that, by the way, i the name of another blogger whom I follow), winning three bottles of beautiful ink is as close to nirvana as one can hope to reach.

In filling out the entry form, one of Stephanie’s questions is what is my favorite ink color by this particular company (J. Herbin, a virtual titan in the ink world). I was stumped. Rouge tendresse; no, olive; no, blue myosotis; no, vert reseda. Finally, I had to leave to think more about it.

I love all of the colors that I use because they help me to express myself. Don’t ask me how. But I find myself thinking thoughts in color. I can’t even really explain it, but I know when I’m thinking about, say, choreographing a piece of music, often the thoughts come to me in colors. Some days many thoughts will be the same color, but other days the colors will vary. When I close my eyes, I can see the thoughts as visuals painted in one or more colors. The other day it was a turquoise day. Totally. The entire day I saw thoughts in beautiful shades of turquoise. When I find notes to myself about choreography, I will often see that I wrote the color that infused that series of movements.

Do you think in color?

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© 2004-2010 Donna Peach. All rights reserved.

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