engage your creativity with George Benson

Today my music choice was George Benson. For many who have never really gotten to know the musician behind the voice, it might come as a surprise that he became a vocalist only after it was recommended that he could sell more music and make more money if he were to add his own vocals. After that he was much better known as a vocalist than as an incredible guitarist.

He has since made some strictly instrumental recordings, and you should check them out if you want to enjoy some jazz that is solidly engaging. It is a good place to go to forget about all of this cancer stuff and to stimulate your creativity.

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Don’t miss this: I can play this all day long. An incredible teaming with the incredible genius Quincy Jones. “Give Me the Night, ” George Benson; YouTube contributor DJDiscoCat

“Breezin’,” George Benson, YouTube contributor onemorecupofcoffee1

“This Masquerade,” George Benson, YouTube contributor FunkSoBrudda

2 responses to “engage your creativity with George Benson

  1. Hi Donna!

    I always enjoy your updates. Thanks for taking time to share your news. You have such a beautiful spirit!

    I just had to write a quick note and tell you that George Benson used to play at my Dad’s high school dances! lol. Yep. It was a long time ago but my dad still remembers. Can you imagine? I think we only got the gym teacher playing records at our dances…no live music and DEFINITELY not George Benson quality music.

    Wishing you well. Keep writing!


    • Hi Gecole,

      Thank you for reading following my blog and for writing. That is awesome that GB played at your dad’s dances. Wonder whether anyone then had any idea that he would climb to the heights that he has. Hope you are still enjoying your bike rides. Let’s talk sometime. Would love to hear what’s going on.

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