sweet luxury: bubble bath

After yesterday’s move today my body resisted all activity. Everything hurt.

But, it was good hurt. It was hurt from actually doing something rather than from just the cancer. It reminded me of when I worked out or danced hard and felt it in my muscles the next day. I love that feeling.

It is a funny thing in life that you can go years without appreciating something so mundane that it never even deserves a place in anyone’s conversation. And so it is with my bathtub. For years I cared only about showering and could not care less about sitting in a relaxing tub of frothy bubbles. Until last year when we moved to the last place, which had no tub, only a shower. I never thought it would be something that would make any difference in my life. Wrong. For several months now I have been yearning for a big bathtub full of bubbles.

But now, you guessed it, I don’t need to rent a room just for that singular luxury: our new place has a bathtub. So, with my aching muscles and joints I luxuriated in the most delightful tub of peach-scented bubbles. What therapy.

On a practical note, because of my back’s physical limitations in bending and or twisting, showering can be a chore that is surprisingly hard work. I got a shower seat to help and to keep me from falling when I’m wobbly, and that helps a bit. Most of the time taking any longer than a quick, five-minute shower turns into a
tiring ordeal. Today I found that just being able to sit in the bubble bath made it so much easier that I was not as worn out afterward.

Just one more benefit of moving to our new place. I like it.

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