research: stress factors into metastasis

Researchers have published a study on the effects of stress on metastatic breast cancer. In fact, studies showed that stress causes the immune cells to direct attention not to fighting cancer when it attacks the body but to coping with the stress. While everyone certainly has an opinion about the effects of stress on cancer, here is some scientific data that supports that long-held theory.

The first citation below is an article in Medical News Today, and the second citation is the research study published in the journal Cancer Research.

Stress Significantly Accelerates Breast Cancer Metastasis In Mice, UCLA Cancer Researchers Show For The First Time. 9-16-10

Erica K. Sloan, Saul J. Priceman, Benjamin F. Cox, Stephanie Yu, Matthew A. Pimentel, Veera Tangkanangnukul, Jesusa M.G. Arevalo, Kouki Morizono, Breanne D.W. Karanikolas, Lily Wu, Anil K. Sood, and Steven W. Cole: The Sympathetic Nervous System Induces a Metastatic Switch in Primary Breast Cancer. Abstract in Cancer Research. 9-16-10

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