heat and termites -vs- cool friends and passersby

swarming termites and
96 degrees aside
friends are always cool
♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦

We are down to the wire. This weekend we are having a moving sale to try to pare down the last pieces that we do not need to take with us. We have bedroom furniture that we do not need and some other items that were basically duplicates from when Marvin and I got together. We had had things in storage until we moved to the loft last year.

When I got home from the hospital in February 2009 and then started radiation and chemo, Marvin brought in our extra small refrigerator and microwave as well as other items so I would not have to climb the one or two flights of stairs in our place when the going was rough. He also got me a special potty attachment, a portable potty and shower seat, which I could not have done without for quite some time.

It is a bit weird seeing all of those special items. Even now, I think, What’s that . . . duh, that’s for me . . . shower aids because I can’t bend or I get too wobbly and can fall. Next thing, I’ll be wearing one of those beepers around my neck . . . oh, heavens. Nope, I can still be heard loud and clear when I want. I’ll just rely on my own lung power, which Marvin tells me seems to be surviving just fine.

Despite the 96 degrees today and a swarm of termites that welcomed us when we opened the door (one of the many reasons for our exit), we managed to survive and even met some friendly and cool people who stopped by to look and to buy. And, we have some great neighbors who gave us a hand and brought some cheer to an otherwise grueling day. Thank you, thank you.

Who needs moving fairies.

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© 2004-2010 Donna Peach. All rights reserved.

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