severe weather: horowitz on the move

I just realized that the severe weather yesterday here in LA county was, in fact, caused by my moving. It started when I was married to my first husband Steve. We moved a number of times while we were together for over fifteen years, and we discovered that each time we scheduled a move, especially a critical one, like interstate, the weather became severe.

When we moved to Connecticut, the upper US from Detroit through Pennsylvania had the worst blizzard in the history of that part of the country. The states closed down the freeways for three days for the white-out conditions. With our furniture already gone, we ended up staying with my parents till the roads opened so we could drive our two cars. Heading out, the roads were single-lane tunnels carved out of the mountains of snow from the Michigan-Ohio border right through Pennsylvania. It was a grueling and long trip. When we got to Danbury, Connecticut, the businesses there were all closed because of the twenty-some inches of snow they had just received as we were arriving.

Another move from Michigan to Austin, Texas, also had us traveling across southern states through the worst snow storm for that part of the country. I remember stopping in Little Rock, Arkansas, where we celebrated New Year’s Eve. When we arrived in Austin, with the storm following on our heels, every restaurant and store was closed. Austin had not had snow in ten years. The headlines read something like, Five inches of snow closes University of Texas. How funny. Before heading south, I had been working at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and it never closed, even when we had had 28 inches of snow. When we tried to go to a restaurant, the people who were closing the doors, scolded us, You need to be home where it’s safe. You shouldn’t be out in this kind of weather. People outside were scraping their windshields with spatulas, and every corner had multiple cars spun out of control. Austin does not keep snow removal equipment.

Then there was the ice storm in Pennsylvania when we moved from Connecticut to Michigan; it took three hours to drive one mile, and one of our cars spun off the road. Blizzards, rain storms, floods and ice storms had an affinity for us. Since Steve and I are still friends and well remember the hazards of our moves, we joke that whenever severe weather strikes, one of us is probably moving. So, yesterday, with Long Beach searing us at 109 degrees, and nearby LA hitting its all-time record at 113 degrees, it really is no surprise that the nearest (former) Horowitz was moving.

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