National Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2010

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it’s a good time to choose a little way to support funding or spreading awareness. Remember that breast cancer still takes the lives of over 40,000 women annually.

Be sure to go to The Breast Cancer Site every day in October and click the button for mammograms. Every click during October is doubled, so don’t miss a day. Sponsors help to pay for mammograms for women in need.

Susan G. Komen sponsors events and products to provide funding for research and advocacy.

The Army of Women sponsors research that studies the surroundings of breast cancer: for example, the relatives of women with breast cancer who do not have breast cancer and the women who have beat the odds and survived beyond the expectations. Anyone can join. AoW announces new studies needing new subjects, who are often women who do not have cancer.

You may have heard about Keep-A-Breast‘s “I like boobies” bracelets that, despite causing some controversy at schools, are intended to increase awareness of breast cancer among young people.

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One response to “National Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2010

  1. Just wanted to say hi to fellow cancer survivors. I just celebrated 1 year since my breast cancer diagnosis. At just 31 and a mom with 2 small kids it was definitely unexpected to find out I had breast cancer. I made it through a tough year and now that I’m feeling better I just wanted to get the word out and help as many as possible. It’s so important for young people to be their own advocates. 3 different doctors thought I had a cyst, but I persisted, and luckily it was caught early. I still had to have a bilateral mastectomy and chemo.

    I blogged and vlogged (made YouTube videos) during and after my surgeries and treatment. If you know of anyone going through breast cancer please send them my way if they have any questions or just want to chat.

    In honor of Breast Cancer month I have a giveaway on my blog. Yoplait and Susan G Komen put together a nice gift pack of VIP coupons for FREE Yoplait Greek Yogurt, a pink leather journal and pen, and an awareness charm bracelet.
    In addition, Yoplait will make a $25 donation to Susan G. Komen for the Cure® on behalf of the winner.

    Have a nice day,
    Rachel (Cha Ching Queen)

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