today: not just unpacking

This was my day, a little more varied than the past month’s daily grind of packing, unpacking.
  • business e-mail and phone calls
  • play some Angelique Kidjo
  • unpack box of a thousand coffee mugs and tea cups (no . . . really)
  • wash items from boxes
  • do a happy dance when I find box with my many teas: green, black, earl grey, rooibos, chai
  • take ibuprofen for unpacking pains and shrill neuropathy
  • brew a cup of cinnamon rooibos
  • tune in to Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC)‘s conference on metastatic breast cancer with Dr. Lidia Schapira, now available for listening at LBBC’s site
  • take lots of notes
  • get interrupted by a phone call from my doctor’s office
  • make a note to go to LBBC site later and listen to missed portion of Q and A
  • nap
  • brew another cup of cinnamon tea–too good just to have one cup today
  • write some haiku
  • create a mandala
  • straighten up my desk
  • write letters
  • nap
  • unpack box of glass and china vase and candle holders
  • set record of unpacking without breaking, spilling or splattering anything
  • write more haiku
  • take some photos
  • relax with hubby
  • listen to Joe Sample, Deodato

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© 2004-2010 Donna Peach. All rights reserved.


One response to “today: not just unpacking

  1. Hello Donna,
    It’s your random, acquaintance (and EMT) from Royal Nails. ; ) I wanted to make sure you knew I’ve been thinking of you and what a lasting impression you made on me. You are such a beautiful person; I really took something special away from our conversation while we were pleasantly drying our nails. Talking to you felt peaceful and warm, just like the picture you posted of your cinnamon tea. Such a great picture; it’s the simplicity of it that I love. Makes you feel like you’re right in the middle of Christmas. I’ve decided to move back up north near my family and make that the fresh start that I was looking for. My parents are 72 and I think being closer to them now is pretty important. Plus, I’ll be up there in time for Thanksgiving & Christmas; something I’ve not been able to enjoy with them for many years (at least not both in one year and sometimes neither of them because of a job), so this will be refreshing. I’m working on the exact date for the move, but I think it will probably be around the weekend of Nov. 5th. I hope you stay the strong, inspiring woman that you are ’cause you have so much to share with this world. Maybe we can meet up and have our nails done again before I go! ; ) You have my email address now, so you let me know. God Bless You……..

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