broken tooth, ugh

I broke a tooth the end of last week, so I am eating nothing crunchy until this gets sorted out. After calling my oncologist and receiving her instructions, I will be checking back in again after I see the dentist and he determines what needs to be done. If it is not invasive, it should be fine. If the remedy involves an invasive procedure, I may need an antibiotic. Plus, I will not be taking Zometa® the next time I go for treatment (actually, I think she said no Zometa for the next two treatments).

Dentistry is not something we think much about in connection with our cancer, but it is always important to check with your oncologist before you see a dentist. Before my chemo began, my oncologist asked whether I needed to see a dentist. After starting chemo, especially a course that might cause you to be neutropenic, seeing a dentist can be a bit of an issue. The first time I went through chemo in 2004, I had a problem with a tooth that required a root canal. I had to take an antibiotic, and my oncologist required blood tests before I got back to chemo.

You would think that after all of the scary things happening during MBC, going to a dentist would be no big deal. I’m sure it is for some people. Maybe this time for me it will be as well.

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