times have changed

shrill sounds of the drill
memories of the dentist
before Novocaine®

dentists repaired teeth
just his words to medicate
it’s almost over
♦     ♦
white knuckles gripping
each time that drill hit a nerve
it’s almost over
♦     ♦     ♦

I think when people say things are not what they used to be, often I am so grateful they are not. Going to the dentist is definitely on that list. I remember when Novocaine first became available, I thought it was a sissy thing to do and insisted that I get my dental work done without any anesthetic. I toughed it out every time for a few years. And I was one of those people who did get cavities even though I did not eat a lot of candy and did have fluoride treatments.

I remember the first time I experienced Novocaine. After sitting through a filling that would have straightened my hair and not feeling one twinge of a jumpy nerve, I was a total convert. Now, the memories still give me a sense of foreboding, but the reality is that things have changed. And, they are changed for the better. I like that kind of progress.

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© 2004-2010 Donna Peach. All rights reserved.

One response to “times have changed

  1. Donna: I just happened on this. What a great site. Thanks for doing this. You are always up to something valuable. We miss seeing you. Donna

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