top site for anyone with metastatic or stage IV breast cancer

If you have metastatic or stage IV breast cancer and are looking for good sources of information, one place you should go (frequently) is to Musa Mayer’s site: Since I have made my acquaintance with MBC, I have found this site to be the best online support specifically for MBC. Mayer is an advocate for people with MBC and maintains up-to-date information. She is always aware of what is on the edge of research, making her a guru for many seeking both information and understanding of options; she contributes to many discussions at, hands down the best online support group for MBC. Click the link to join.

Mayer has been busy with radio interviews during National Breast Cancer Month and, specifically, in conjunction with National Metastatic Breast Cancer Day (October 13). Talk! with Audrey ran an interview with Musa Mayer and Donna Pelletier, who has been living with stage IV cancer since her diagnosis five years ago. If you have not yet visited, this will be a good introduction.

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One response to “top site for anyone with metastatic or stage IV breast cancer

  1. The website you mention looks good but I am not sure that it is up to date. The last “news” item posted was the December 2009 San Antonio breast cancer conference.

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