oncology meeting summary

Today I met with my oncologist. Quickly, here is my summary beyond “so far, so good.”

Because of my upcoming dental work, I will not receive Zometa® at my next therapy appointment, maybe two appointments. I hope not to need a root canal, which will only prolong the hold on the Zometa. Also, I will be having another PET scan as soon as we receive approval. And, it’s time for a flu shot. We are also keeping a careful eye on my kidneys.

For whatever reason, I am exhausted and even slept over an hour after returning home. I find myself barely able to stay awake now, so I think it’s time for an early night.

It is amazing how much support you can feel from cyberspace. Thank you so much for the warm wishes; it really helped :).

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2 responses to “oncology meeting summary

  1. Thinking of you a lot….and keeping up with you in your blogs. Know that we continue to admire you in all ways and continue to wish for beautiful days and nights of music, dancing, and smiles for you!!!!!

  2. I hope you have some good rest and find time to blog when you feel like it. Healing energy is being sent you! cheers!

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