PET scan #3

I went for a PET scan today. Between elevated tumor markers and symptoms I reported to my oncologist, she ordered a PET scan. It was a long day, and by this afternoon I calmed down a bit after being a bit fidgety last night and this morning. I am glad the day is over. My sweetie helped keep my mind off of the events by taking me out this evening.

My oncologist and oncology nurse are always sensitive to the jittery nerves of patients, so, as is typical, they called me to let me know the scan looks pretty good but that we will discuss details when we meet in a week. I can call before then with any questions, as always. They also mentioned that the scan picked up something in my lung; they don’t think it’s cancer, but we need to discuss it.

So, at the end of this day I am relieved that my scan seems not to have set off any major alarms. I think I will sleep a lot easier tonight and look forward to discussing everything in detail with my oncologist and nurse in about a week.

Yay, the weekend is here.

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One response to “PET scan #3

  1. So, so happy for you regarding the Pet scan. We can handle the little items. Just NO major items to discuss. That sounds like a glass of wine is in order!! Best to you always!

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