welcoming the weekend

I am happy to see that I made it through this long week, which seemed to linger on and on.

Tuesday was the first of two appointments with my dentist to fix a molar that had broken. I cannot take Zometa® until my dental work is done, so I’m hoping we can get this all done fairly quickly. The dentist I just started seeing was as nice as he could be, so the stress of going greatly diminished after I got there and he started talking to me about how the procedure would be done.

Then, I studied our insurance options for two days so that we could make an informed choice. I’m not sure I was as informed as we could have hoped, but I did my best and we made our choices. Hopefully, we made the right choices. It was basically a decision of whether to pay some $450 or over $1000. I ask yet again: is there really a choice involved here?

So, I survived the dentist, the insurance and the drop in temperature to 49 degrees during the wee hours.

The weekend is here, and I have a few writing resources to get it off to the right start.

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