beginning the season of appreciation

Riding home tonight we were talking about the upcoming holidays and, specifically, Thanksgiving. We were talking about so many changes that have occurred in our lives last and this year, and we got to that question about what we are thankful for. We answered quickly and talked about it, but I kept thinking about it as we settled in for the night.

I have learned, somewhat by force, that in order for me to enjoy life, it need not be an endless turn of events. Sure, I enjoyed the frenzied activity of my life for so many years, but now my pace has changed. And I am learning to love this pace as well. I am learning not to compete with myself as I have always done and to accept the idea that taking care of myself is a worthy cause rather than something that makes me feel pathetic, ashamed or apologetic.

That is one important part of life for which I am very thankful: the human ability to learn and to adapt.

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One response to “beginning the season of appreciation

  1. Hi Donna,
    Catching up on your posts, had to comment on this one. Not only are you worthy of self care, you are a gift to the rest of us when you do!
    I just posted on this today, and I think you might appreciate what I wrote.
    Your story could so easily be my story. Your blog is helping me be at peace with all possibilities. The cancer I fought in 2007 has a very high recurrence rate.
    Thanks for putting so many great resources on the site!

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