pet scan 3 results

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Today I met with my oncologist to find out the results of my recent PET scan. It was what everyone with metastatic breast cancer hopes for with a PET scan: no progression.

The only area of slight concern is my lower right lung which seems to have something called consolidation, or fluid, a condition that occurs with pneumonia, which I do not and have not had. Interestingly, I have felt congestion in my chest upon exertion. It is not enough to make me feel concerned except for the one time it felt severe. Since then, however, it just feels like it does after I have a bad chest cold.

So the current treatment will continue with Faslodex® and Zometa® (well, Zometa after I finish my dental work). My oncologist is also requesting some other blood work, and we continue to watch my renal function, in particular, my creatinine reading which remains slightly elevated despite Zometa’s suspension while I complete my dental work.

You know how the social networks have those little icons to describe your mood. Tonight I am a big gleeful happy face.

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One response to “pet scan 3 results

  1. Congrats Donna!
    Your happy face puts a smile on mine!


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