watching Eleanor Powell to cure my cold

I spent the day drinking tea and watching dance videos, trying to shake this cold. I must have picked up something while shopping this week. I have to remember it’s flu season and keep my hand gel with me when I go out.

We do not have television service, so I was watching YouTube videos. Specifically, Eleanor Powell dance videos. She was an amazing tap dancer: strong and athletic, a hoofer with elegance. One of the movies she did was with Fred Astaire, Broadway Melody of 1940, and their two duets are incredible. Begin the Beguine is unforgettable, and I watched it today alone more than twenty times. Loving the music is part of it since that has always been a favorite of mine, but watching those two tap dance together is addictive.

Here are two great dance videos that will make anyone feel better whether you tap dance or not.

Eleanor Powell and Fred Astaire, Jukebox dance: Broadway Melody of 1940

Eleanor Powell and Fred Astaire, Begin the Beguine: Broadway Melody of 1940 (ignore the voice-over at the beginning; of all the videos this is the best quality)

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