Faslodex 7

Wednesday was my treatment instead of today when the infusion center would have a reduced staff for the holiday. My blood tests qualified me for my Faslodex®, but I’m still not receiving Zometa® because of my dental work. Unfortunately, my creatinine level remains elevated. I was hoping it would be back into the normal zone after having missed a few treatments now.

As usual, the infusion center was busy as ever with people coming and going from the small rooms that Karen oversees that branch off of the big infusion room. The small rooms are for people coming for short infusions, blood tests through their ports, shots and various other procedures, including PICC line flushings. I remember the first time around in 2004 Lisa T did my PICC line flushing every time I needed it; She was a sweetheart and someone I still stay in touch with through FaceBook. Love FB for that sort of contact that provides a little connection to people whom you don’t see any longer but who will always be important.

Thanksgiving was quite easy. No big turkey to cook. No pies. Not even getting up to watch the Macy’s parade since we do not have any television service currently. Marvin brewed us some intoxicatingly fabulous coffee: freshly ground El Salvador Pacamara Tierra Fertil from Johnson Brothers coffee, a new service we have started using. Nothing else matters for breakfast after that coffee. Later, we really outdid ourselves on snacks of homemade crab dip and fudge. That’s when we figured out the one advantage of spending Thanksgiving alone, without family: no worries about tradition or nutrition. Hehe.

Back to our healthy menu today, whole wheat English muffins and eggs along with our heavenly coffee. Not as great today since I brewed it. It always tastes best when Marvin does it :).

Hope everyone is still enjoying the Thanksgiving weekend. We are, and we are most definitely not joining in the black Friday shopping frenzy.

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